Rethink Excel workflow and collaboration

Accelerate your Finance teams' productivity.  Drive efficiency and control with Rockhopper's workflow platform alongside Excel.
Track Changes, Automate Versioning, and Reduce Errors.

What is Rockhopper?

Our platform centralizes data, fosters collaboration, ensures accuracy, and tracks versions seamlessly, empowering teams to excel.
Lower risk significantly
Identify spreadsheet errors and tracking significant changes.
Workflow management
Manage projects for accountability, transparency, and timely completion
Gain deeper insight
From user drive reports, display highly valuable model progress and key decision points
Version control
Track changes, access previous versions, and ensure data integrity
Than was possible using manual documentation methods during peak spreadsheet activity

" Every late night in finance often boils down to a simple yet crucial truth: someone not communicating changes in the deal model. Rockhopper isn’t just about saving time - it’s about preserving and limiting errors. "

- Investment Banking Associate, Elite Boutique Investment Bank

Powerful features

Powerful features for enhanced automation and collaboration.
Version tracking
Manage key spreadsheet deliverables and sign-offs. Drive accountability, transparency, and timely task completion.
Workflow management
Manage deliverables and projects for accountability, transparency, and timely task completion.
Review & Analysis
Companies and users can ensure a more sophisticated way of working towards more accurate reporting and analysis.
Microsoft integration
Seamlessly incorporate Microsoft's OneDrive for effortless integration into financial professionals' existing tech stack, ensuring smooth collaboration within Microsoft 365.

Use cases

Explore how you can utilize Rockhopper.
Budgeting and forecast process
Use Rockhopper to streamline your spreadsheet coordination and budget review process by organizing and tracking the progress.
Documenting spreadsheet activity
Understand who, what, why at cell & tab level changes from version to version.

See what our clients say

"Rockhopper directly addresses the common pain point felt by all finance teams when collaborating across the organization and trying to gather information quickly and accurately. I cannot wait for my teams to start using these features so we can save time and focus on what really matters."

Director Of Finance, Unicorn FinTech Company With Series C Funding

"I saw a demo today that would help solve a recurringcollaboration issue I face with our regional finance teams. Rockhopper would streamline the various regional cloud inputs needed for alignment, allow different responsibilities across the organization to track their versions better, and ultimately complete our forecasting process with improved efficiency."

Matt K.
Finance Cloud, FAANG Information Technology Company

Making finance teams work smarter with spreadsheets